Please Don’t PUNish Me: going on a hiatus

Hello loyal pun enthusiasts and followers.

Or lost internet travelers. You are welcome in this cyber conversation as well.

The class I have been writing this blog for: Comm 349: News Reporting And Writing is coming to a close, meaning this blog, at least for the time being will be put on hold and there will not be anymore posts for a while.

I hope to come back to this blog and post more about the beauty of puns. However, for the time being I must take a hiatus, although it should be called a lowatus because I worry I am letting a lot of my readers down by mandating what I hope is only a temporary end to my blog.


I’m sorry. 

I’d also like to offer my pundolances for not posting in a while. I am a busy college student and as a result have had to table my love for puns in order to not fail my classes.

I have appreciated all the support from friends and family who have reached out, commented on, reposted and expressed support for me choosing to write about such an odd topic. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Thank you to everyone for still loving me despite the fact I can’t have a legitimate adult conversation without throwing in a pun.

We’ve had a good run, and a good pun as well.


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