About The Blog

From the title, I presume you’ve gathered this is a blog about puns. The art of puns. The beauty of puns. Society’s perception of puns. Puns and their impact on the media, politics, and our world as we know it. My personal usage of puns. The varying reactions of puns. What makes a good pun. How to recover from telling or hearing a bad pun. Dealing with the punhaters. Basically, your one stop pun shop.

If you too love making your family and friends laugh, smile, or groan by telling them puns, if you are here out of sheer curiosity or amusement, or if you accidentally clicked on this website and were looking for a cooking lesson or some fashion advice but think you’ll stop and poke around, welcome!

Thank you for tuning into this creative outlet:


(I’m sorry in advance. (I’m actually not sorry at all you knew this was going to happen.))