Meet The Blogger

They said I couldn’t write an entire blog about puns. They were wrong.

Hello! For those who don’t know me my name is Rachel Fechter (that’s pronounced Fek-tur) meaning yes, as a child I may or may not of been teased and called Rachel Fechturd.

I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, specifically a suburb in St. Louis County called Kirkwood. However, for the past couple years I have resided in Kirksville, Missouri going to school at Truman State University, a public liberal arts college in Northeast, Missouri. I’m a junior Communication major and English and Sociology double minor.

I also work for Truman Media Network as the Features Text Editor, which basically means sometimes I’m good at being nosy and writing down what I find out and it getting published in the paper and sometimes not sucking.

My interests (besides puns) include journalism, reading, writing, hanging out with both animal and human friends (cats in particular), watching trash on Netflix and Hulu, nature walks, and listening to R&B, Hip Hop, Rock n Roll, Alternative, and Angsty tunes.

For those who might be wondering, my favorite genres to read, study, and emulate in my writing are lengthy Features pieces like those in The New Yorker (my favorite magazine,) creative nonfiction essays (shoutout to David Sedaris), Shakespeare plays and Jane Austen novels among other classic literature, Upton Sinclair and other muckraking journalism, and thought provoking and educational non fiction pieces.

Yes, this is technically for my communication class with Marilyn Yaquinto (she won a Pulitzer prize guys, talk about ethos) but also for my own enjoyment and fulfillment. Puns are a way to laugh and have fun but in my opunion (I’m sorry, I had to) also a creative way to communicate messages and make statements about differing societies and cultures. Puns can be academic and scholarly just as much as they can be gut busting and groan inducing.

While some of those who know me have dubbed me as “the pun queen” I am in no way proclaiming myself to be some sort of pun expert. I simply want to look into the usage of puns and their effect on the world around me, an analysis which I believe is important and worthy of doing.

Join me and take a look at some of the words about word play I have to say each week!